A Champion Mindset

In all that we Do, In all that we Become, We are called to be Champions

At Champion State of Mind we believe that all people have the distinctive ability to be a Champion within their own lives. Since a Champion Mindset can be applied personally and professionally, there is no limit as to how these characteristics can be utilized.

A Champion Mindset….

  • Does not settle and is determined to meet their realistic goals
  • Strives to find the balance among their Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit
  • Keeps going, even though situations can be difficult
  • Understands that transformation will have highs and lows
  • Looks and enjoys the simple pleasures in everyday life
  • Empowers themselves and others to achieve their overall best
  • Looks at challenges as an opportunity to improve
  • Compares themselves only to the person they were the day before
  • Challenges inaccurate thinking and replaces it with encouragement
  • Reaches out to supportive resources when needed
  • Leads by example through hard work, commitment and service
  • Builds their self-worth through their positive actions, forgiveness and healthy personal care
  • Dreams of what is possible and commits to the journey of discovery

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mental Health Solutions Focused on You


  • To provide exceptional care to every client through the use of innovative clinical practices and a commitment to progressive transformation.


  • To create a distinguished mental health organization that is dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their highest potential through compassion, leadership and service.


  • To believe all people are called to be a Champion within their lives.
  • To understand that people are unique in their own extraordinary ways.
  • To holistically trust that the Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit connection is true and that each component is significant to a person’s overall well-being.
  • To respect each person’s right to confidentiality and the necessity to feel secure.
  • To lead by example through accountability and transparent engagement while in service to others.