Champion Direct

A Text-Based Therapy Service for the Modern World

Are you looking for a different style of therapeutic service and/or additional support between sessions? Then look no further- Champion Direct is here for you!

Through an end-to-end encrypted application, you can now send and receive text-based therapy at your own convenience. No need to set up an appointment or wait to share what’s on your mind- just send a message directly to your Champion therapist and away you go! Secure, convenient and affordable – Champion Direct empowers people to receive therapy services from anywhere!

Clients may purchase from one of the Champion Direct packages listed below. Clients can choose to enroll in Champion Direct as their sole therapy service, or they may purchase a Champion Direct package in addition to current in-person/telehealth therapy services through Champion State of Mind, PLLC.

Note* Champion Direct is not to be used in a mental health crisis. If a client or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact 911 or go to your nearest hospital.


Champion Direct services are purchased on a monthly basis. Champion Direct services are not covered by health insurance companies. Payment for Champion Direct services will require a debit/credit card to be stored on file with CSM for automatic payments. Services will not be rendered if payment declines.

Clients are responsible for downloading the encrypted application to their electronic devices, free of charge. No other means of communication will be used for therapy sessions if a client is only enrolled in Champion Direct services. Phone calls to CSM offices and/or emails to your practitioner should only be used for scheduling and housekeeping purposes.

To schedule for Champion Direct, please call our office at 1-800-592-0180 ext 1, request Champion Direct services through our request form HERE or email us at