OWI/DUI Evaluations


In the State of Iowa, people who have received an Operating While Under the Influence (OWI) charge or a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge will need to complete an OWI/DUI substance use evaluation prior to their driver’s license being reinstated. Following the completion of such evaluation, the substance use evaluator will make a recommendation if further treatment is warranted. These recommendations will be shared with the courts along with any information required by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). Additionally, in some cases, further penalties/requirements may be mandated by the court system and/or by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT).

Champion State of Mind offers Iowa OWI/DUI substance use evaluations. A client may use their health insurance as a form of payment (e.g. Medicaid/Title 19). To ensure your health insurance benefits cover this evaluation, clients should contact their health insurance carrier prior to their first appointment to obtain pre-authorization.

Self-pay rate for an OWI/DUI substance use evaluation is $125.00 plus cost of laboratory drug testing (which is billed separately to the client directly from the laboratory). Champion State of Mind, PLLC’s sliding fee scale will not cover this evaluation. The client must pay for their OWI/DUI substance use evaluation at the time of service unless the client is covered by Medicaid/Title 19 (in which the client’s insurance must be verified prior to services rendered).

Please bring the following required documents to your OWI/DUI substance use evaluation:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof if Iowa Residency (e.g. voter registration card, utility bill, paystub with your listed address, credit card statement)
  • Health Insurance/Medicaid Card (if applicable)
  • $125.00 Payment (If client is self-pay) only cash or debit/credit card payments are accepted
  • List of Medications
  • Court Case Number and any court documents pertaining to your record
  • Copy of your OWI/DUI arrest ticket(s)
  • Client’s under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by parent/legal guardian. No service will be rendered to a client under the age of 18 without a parent/legal guardian present
  • If a client would like to release information to other parties (such as their attorney, family member, Juvenile Court Services, Department of Human Services, Probation Officer) the following information for each party will be required:
    • Name of Entity
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Fax Number

Information will not be provided for a client’s driver’s license reinstatement until the client’s services have been paid in full (either by self-pay or insurance). Champion State of Mind, PLLC is not responsible for contacting the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) on the client’s behalf to gather required information. To obtain information about your driver’s license prior to your scheduled appointment, please contact the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) directly at 800-532-1121. Champion State of Mind, PLLC is unable to provide OWI/DUI substance use evaluations in which the arrest took place outside the state of Iowa or if the individual is not a registered driver in the state of Iowa.